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What is being said about Sad Cow

I love my Caffeine in the morning, however I love my sleep too. SadCow fills that void of after dinner coffee, plus you would never think it is decaffeinated. I have tried both and enjoy each one. Thanks for bring coffee back in the evenings.

Anita Kanzaki

Quite a while ago, I had to give up caffeine because of how my body reacted to it. I started drinking decaf, but added quite a bit of creamer to make it palatable. Then a doctor told me I had to start a new diet plan and I was only allowed to drink my coffee black! I figured I’d have to switch to tea, but then I received Sad Cow coffee as a gift. I actually drink and enjoy black, decaf coffee! It doesn’t taste bitter or flat like so many other brands of decaf.

Ginger Newingham

This coffee is delicious! The Mexican blend has a rich, smooth taste and I can’t believe it’s decaf. I look forward to trying the Columbian next. As much as I love my caffeine, my heart races when I have too much of it so I’m thrilled to find a delicious, local decaf!

Jennifer McNamara

Decaf you say?