How to brew with a Chemex

How to brew with a chemex

While a Chemex could be seen as a tool reserved for coffee elitists, it's a surprisingly easy way to get the best possible cup of coffee from the beans you've invested in. 

Lets dive in

Things you'll need; 

  • Chemex + Chemex filters, 
  • Scale (grams or oz)
  • Method to heat up water; stove kettle or electric kettle, 600-700grams should do the trick,
  • Amazing Sad Cow Coffee, roasted within the past two weeks 😎Around 40-50grams of medium ground coffee,
  • Jazz and or Avatar movie soundtrack music is recommended, but optional.  

Step 01: Begin heating your water. 

While specific temps are typically recommended, we'd say bring your water to a boil on the stove, and or electric kettle. Let it stand for 30 secs and you should be in the right zone. 

Step 02: Setting up Chemex, and creating the seal

Grab your Chemex, folding the filter into place. It's best practice to place the double folded side (thicker paper) over the pout opening at the top. 

Next gently pour in some hot water soaking the filter, allowing it to stick or create a seal to the glass. Pick up your Chemex and give it a good swirl to warm up the glass. Pre-heating your Chemex will help your coffee stay warmer longer, tasting amazing. 

Dump out the water you just poured in, setting the Chemex back on the scale.

You're now ready to add in your ingredients. 

Step 03: Adding Coffee

With your Chemex placed on your scale, zero it out to add in around 45grams of freshly medium ground coffee. If you're using a Burr grinder, a setting slightly coarser than half way does the trick. 

Step 04: Adding Water

Slowly begin pouring in around 150grams of water to trigger the coffee bloom. In a gentle swirling motion, ensuring the entire coffee is soaked with water. 

Once you have around 150 grams of water poured, go ahead and stop to stir your coffee. Ensuring there are no dry pockets or clumps. Let the coffee rest for about 45sec before continuing to add in the remainder 450-550grams of water. 

Step 05: Walk away

This is the fun part, letting your Chemex finish up the job by slowly letting the water seep through the coffee. So let it do it's job while you finish making breakfast, chatting with friends as they're massively impressed with your brewing skills. 

Step 06: It's done and pouring

In the end, this should make a couple cups of coffee to enjoy.

To finish remove the filter and let it sit above the chemex for a few seconds, giving it a light squeeze to get some of the last bit of water out. Note you don't have to fully squeeze here, it's okay not to have all of the water out. 

Place your used filter/grounds in your sink to drain completely before throwing away. There are also a lot of cool things to do with used coffee grounds. 

You're done, enjoy the fruits of your labor.