Let's Talk Caffeine and Sleep 😴

Having trouble sleeping?

Could your coffee be to blame for those long nights of tossing and turning? It sure can.

Caffeine effects people in a lot of different ways. Some avid coffee drinkers can easily smash through a pot or two of coffee throughout a day and gleefully sink into slumber the same evening. 😅 If you find that you can’t slow down at bedtime and have a hard time catching the sand man, take a look at your caffeine intake for the day.

Good decaf coffee

Sure that instant warmth and buzz of adrenaline that comes neatly packaged in your morning brew is a great way to get you going. But that same cup in the late afternoon or evening could be the culprit behind your unrest. Caffeine reaches a peak level in your blood within 30-60 minutes after consumption and has a half life of 3-5 hours. Studies have shown (links below) that drinking a caffeinated cup of coffee even six hours before bedtime can negatively impact your sleep. Not only can it cause trouble falling asleep but it can also delay the timing of your body clock which will reduce your total sleep time.

If you’re lucky enough to be a person who can rock a triple espresso after dinner followed shortly thereafter by a great nights sleep, then my hats off to you, friend. If the thought of that sends your heart rate soaring up beyond the blue dot in the sky, there is hope for you yet. Let’s give this a try, keep your morning coffee routine the same. Start your day off with that incredible caffeinated cup that you just can’t live without but switch to decaf in the afternoon and evening. Reducing your daily caffeine intake while leaving the coffee all day/night routine uninterrupted by replacing it with decaf coffee could be the perfect solution to your sleeping woes.

Delicious decaf coffee

If you can’t help but frown when you hear the word decaf or you’re instantly reminded of an unpleasant taste in your mouth, have no fear! We’re talking legit, delicious, chemical free decaf coffee that we at Sad Cow Coffee are determined to bring to the table for all coffee enthusiasts to enjoy. All hours of the day or night. So you can rest assure that sweet dreams are on the evening agenda.

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Join the herd. Drink decaf. ❤️😢🐮☕️