Let's Talk Coffee Bloom, What Is It and Does It Really Matter?

Coffee Bloom

What is Bloom? 

Fundamentally, it's when water comes in contact with coffee grounds, it causes the coffee to release carbon dioxide and other gasses. This interaction can visually be observed by the coffee expanding or "blooming" when you first splash hot water on it. 

That's cool, but does it matter? 

A Google search will present a slew of subjective and objective perspectives on Bloom. 

Bloom could be an indication of the freshness of the coffee. After roasting, it typically will take about a week for the coffee bean to fully release the gases held within. So fresher the coffee (closer to the roast date) could possibly bloom more than coffee that has fully degassed itself all of your kitchen counters. 😅

James Hoffman, explored coffee Bloom: specifically the effect of hard water coffee bloom that's worth a watch. 

To make matters more complex, the amount of carbon dioxide within the coffee could also be a symptom of the roasting profile, not necessarily the freshness of the coffee itself. 

In our experience, while bloom could indicate a level of freshness, it typically has no effect on the taste of the coffee. Instead, it could be an indication of the type of water you're using, which most certainly could have an influence on the taste of your favorite cup. 

Happy brewing!