Our first year is behind us, the journey of delicious decaf coffee continues!

Whenever I start up a new project, the daunting pressure of small business statistics weigh on me. Especially a funny named business that focuses on DECAF coffee. ūüėÖ

Understanding ~20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 50% of those make it to year five, with only one in three enjoy crossing the decade marker. 

As a fun side project, Sad Cow Coffee has crossed¬†the first threshold, one year in business. ‚̧ԳŹ

A seemingly small thing to accomplish from an outside perspective, especially when not battling the landscape of COVID. But we did it...

Sad Cow Coffee - Decaf Coffee one year later

We're still here roasting delicious decaf coffee, making new friendships, educated people on the benefits of consuming decaf coffee, and having a bit of fun along the way. 

I wanted to share some fun numbers just from our http://sadcow.coffee site, not including walk-ins at FreshGround Roast + our wholesale friends.

In 2020 Sad Cow Coffee site: 

  • Required the roasting of¬†~200lbs of coffee,¬†
  • Sold¬†195 bags of coffee to¬†83 customers in¬†16 different states,¬†
  • We launched three new coffees + a device to hold your coffee, we're calling it a "coffee mug".¬†
  • About 1,000¬†grams of caffeine was not consumed,¬†
  • Wrote eight blog posts, & realized not enough cow jokes were told...¬†

Decaf Coffee Mug

Our little side-project could not share these numbers without the¬†support of you: purchasing coffee, sharing our story, to simply writing a review. Thank you! ūüôŹ

Here's to keeping the journey moving through 2021 and beyond.  

Thanks again, 

Wes Burke

Co-Founder, Sad Cow Coffee