The most important thing to look for on your bag of coffee.

The Roast date.

A roast date on the back or bottom of a coffee back communicates a few things:

  • It's an indication the person or brand behind the coffee cares enough to communicate how fresh the coffee is you're purchasing,
  • Gives you the confidence you're purchasing quality coffee,
  • If there is no roast date, it's difficult to know how long the coffee has sat there on the shelf. 

Pro Tip: Typically it's a good idea to brew coffee within 15 days of the printed roast date. 

Roast Date on coffee

Coffee, like other food such as Apples and Bananas begins to oxidate after it's roasted. Subject to the clock, coffee will begin to lose some of it's flavor over time. 

Have you ever cracked open a back of coffee to see a bunch of oily beans? This is typically a symptom of beans that have been begun the aging process. 

Of course, when in doubt, seek coffee with a roast date! 


Happy Brewing!