Tips for Brewing Amazing Coffee

Brew amazing Decaf Coffee

Selling coffee is a symbiotic relationship between us (Sad Cow) and you (our customer). Together we can enjoy a delicious coffee while having some fun along the way. 

Delicious coffee is a result of handpicked beans, passionately roasted and packed freshly delivered to you, combined with the specifics of how the coffee is brewed: what type of water, method of brewing, grind settings and even temperature can influence your coffee’s taste.

Phew, that’s a lot of things on your side of this relationship. Don’t fret, below are some tips to get you started!👇

Here are Four tips to brew amazing coffee. ☕️

  1. Obtain good coffee beans: Great coffee starts with great beans. Thankfully you are ahead of the game and either have your beans from Sad Cow Coffee, or they should be arriving any day now. When shopping for beans, your first thing to look for is the Roast Date. Ideally within two weeks of that date you’re going to consume it, 
  2. Grind your Coffee Fresh: This step may feel like you’re already joining the coffee cult, with no escape. If you’re seeking to benefit from the great beans, we’d recommend you brew your coffee within 15mins of grinding it. Coffee that’s pre-ground starts to lose it’s flavor very, very quickly. Don’t fret, you don’t have to have a fancy pants gender to get started, a simple whirlpool blade grinder will do the trick and already has you ahead of the game,
  3. Brew with good tasting water: Coffee is 98% water, so good water is important. While filtered water is typically fantastic coffee water, be sure some minerals are left in there for taste. Not sure if you have good water, there is a test for that and even some kits to help ensure you’re water is in good shape for producing amazing coffee. Additionally water needs to be between 195 and 205 degrees while brewing. Typically boiling water and waiting 30 seconds will get the job done, 
  4. Choose your brewing method. Brewing coffee manually is much more simple than you’d think and can be rather satisfying to do. While I’d encourage you to explore other brewing methods such as: Chemex or V60, I understand that the most of us are rocking a drip-coffee standard machine. 
how to brew amazing decaf coffee

That should do it, when you brew your first cup please take a photo and share it on FB or Instagram tagging @sadcowcoffee. We’ll re-share it! 

Happy Brewing!