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One Free 4oz Sample - Delicious Decaf Coffee

One Free 4oz Sample - Delicious Decaf Coffee

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We'll ship you a 4oz bag for free!

(Limit one per customer)

We get it, trying decaf for the first time can feel a bit awkward: does it really taste good, what are the benefits of mixing in decaf into my diet, and of course spilling coffee on your nightstand. 😅

If you're looking to make a lifestyle change, become more health-conscious, or simply looking to enjoy a warm cup of coffee in bed, Sad Cow Coffee is a moo-valous choice. We're a bit biased of course, so we want you to find out for yourself. 

We've unlocked our 4oz sample bags for the first 25 people that place an order using the link below. We'll not only give you a 4oz sample as a new customer, (makes about two pots of coffee) ☕️we'll ship it to you for free if you're not local to Geneva, IL. 

While supplies last, just click on the button below to go directly to the free sample order page. Thanks for hanging with the Sad Cow, excited to see what we brew up next! 

Note: 4oz equates to roughly 113grams or just under 60 grams for a pot of coffee. 

If you choose Decaf Mexico Coffee #19L

A lighter roast coffee, this Mexican decaf is bright and very interesting with berry and brown sugar notes. We love how the Mountain Water decaffeination process results in a clean, even flavor

  • Decaffeination Process: Mountain Water Process
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Region: Coatepec
  • Processing: Washed

If you choose Decaf Columbia #47M

A medium roast gem, full-bodied with chocolate and almond notes. This Columbian decaf is the perfect coffee to enjoy after dinner with a slice of grandma's apple pie. 
  • Decaffeination Process: Sugar Cane Process
  • Origin: Columbia
  • Region: Valle del Cauca
  • Altitude: 1700 masl
  • Processing: Washed