How are your beans decaffeinated? 

Our beans are typically decaffeinated through either a Mountain Water Process, or Sugar Cane Process. Read more about that here. 

Is all of your coffee decaf? 

Yes, this is why our cow is sad, because it's missing it's caf! 😅

What do the numbers on the tag mean? 

The Coffee Identification Number or CIN is something we made up. 😅

Much like on a farm, when a new coffee is born at Sad Cow, we use tags to identify, and catalog some information about it.

So when you're browsing our site, or visiting Eric at FreshGround Roasting, you as edified decaf experts will be able to quickly identify your bean of choice.

Each color represents a country or origin of the bean. The tag number is derived from combining the first digits of the longitude and latitude of the bean. This number followed by a L (Light), M (Medium), D (Dark) represents the roast profile.

Pretty cool right? We find it rather ah-moo-zing.


What happened to Kevin Flynn at the end of Tron Legacy? 

Truth is we're not sure, there is a whole movement suggesting that #flynnlives but his true fate will have to be revealed if Disney decides to ever pick up the project again. :(