Our Sad Cow Story, told by Nicole.

Decaf Coffee

One chilly Fall morning in 2017

Sad Cow Coffee is a passion project built foremost from our love of delicious coffee. In this world there are many people who, for one reason or another, cannot consume caffeine. I found myself (Nicole) to be in that space and desperate to find a good cup of decaf to enjoy.

Decaf is widely thought of as the lesser brother to a strong caffeinated cup.  When I realized the negative effects caffeine was having on my health, I knew I had to give up coffee but I instantly felt isolated from something I loved to share with my husband, family and friends.

In most households, morning routines begin with that bright aroma filling the air and a warm mug ☕️ in hand. As I jealously watched my husband sip from his steaming mug, I actually felt sad. I shared with him that I just wanted to drink a cup of coffee without it leaving an after taste of motor oil. It was with this conversation that sparked the idea of starting our own decaf coffee company, scratching our own itch. 

Being the corny girl that I am, I love a good pun and I thought of the cow who was sad because she lost her calf and I couldn't let go of the idea that this would make a great name for a batch of awesome decaf coffee!

Sad Cow Coffee - Decaf Coffee

Over the next several months

Wes, my entrepreneurial husband, and I sat down and strategized how best to embark on this new quest. We debated whether or not to purchase a roaster ourselves; completely geek out, learning the roasting artistry, and give this a go on our own. In the end we realized we wanted to see Sad Cow become a reality sooner than later. Playing to our strengths... we realized we needed a partner.

Enter Eric from FreshGround Roasting,

An incredible local roaster and fellow coffee enthusiast who also loves a good cow joke. We’ve known Eric for a while, and had already shared the project to him in passing. Though after a quick sit-down,  much to our delight our trick worked he was eager to jump on board and dive into the fairly uncharted waters right alongside us. 🎉😅

Batavia fresh market with freshground roasting

In the end, we’re scratching our own itch.

We simply want to enjoy good decaf ourselves. With all of our powers combined we have made it our mission to roast and deliver the most incredible tasting and "stimulating" decaf coffee around. So please, open your mind to the space where caffeine is no longer king but decaf rules day or night!

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